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Parent Volunteers

Early and consistent parental involvement helps children do well academically. Parents/guardians and extended family are encouraged and welcomed to become involved in the formal education of their children by volunteering at AES.

A volunteer is any individual who assists at a school site or District office without monetary compensation. This includes parents, community members, interns and in some cases, high school or college students.

Parents/guardians who are unable to volunteer at the school site during the day due to certain circumstances may apply to be an at-home or virtual volunteer, where they can participate in the virtual environment, or may support volunteer activities from their homes. A tiered system of health and safety requirements is provided below for virtual and on-campus volunteers.


The four-tiered volunteer system was developed to assist the school community with identifying the various health and safety requirements, and duties and responsibilities for volunteers. The duties and responsibilities outlined below are only a summary and NOT intended to be all-inclusive. 



Any person interested in participating in a school’s volunteer program, including continuing volunteers, LAUSD employees, community members and interns, must complete steps #1 - #4 in order to start the process to become a volunteer.

#STEP 1. Fill the online volunteer application on the School Volunteer Management System.  

#STEP 2. Sign the Volunteer Commitment Form and the Covid-19 Waiver Release of Liability Send both documents to Barbara Lamperti either via email or bring physical copies to the main office.

#STEP 3. Obtain a TB Clearance. Tier II and Tier III volunteers must provide clearance of TB prior to starting on-campus volunteer services. Valid forms of TB clearance include:

  • a letter from a medical professional stating that the patient does not have Tuberculosis. (Attachments I1/I2 or Attachment J)
  • TB test results
  • A chest x-ray is acceptable proof of TB clearance

TB tests for new LAUSD volunteers are valid for up to 60 days prior to starting volunteer services. TB clearance for continuing volunteers is valid for a period of up to four years from the date of the clearance.

STEPS #1 - #3 must be printed, signed and turned into the the main office to the attention to Barbara Lamperti or emailed in a pdf to


#STEP 4. Upload COVID Vaccine information to your parent account in the

How to upload COVID-19 Vaccine to Dailypass HERE






Once approved from the District, parents will receive an email with a temporary volunteer badge attached to the letter. Please bring the email letter with you to show the main office when signing in until your 2022-2023 badge arrives to the school site. Approval from the District is currently up to 6 weeks.

An official LAUSD volunteer badge will be issued by the district and sent through school mail to the school site within the following weeks.

The temporary and the permanent LAUSD volunteer badges are non-transferable between volunteers or between school and office sites. Badges must be visible while volunteers are providing service on campus.

On-Campus Tier II and Tier III school volunteers are required to sign in and pick-up their LAUSD volunteer badges upon entering the campus. School volunteers are to sign out when they exit the campus and leave their LAUSD volunteer badges at the school at the end of the day.


Volunteers serving at more than one LAUSD school must have a completed online application, printed and signed, for each school before they can begin service.

volunteer image

SINGLE EVENT volunteer option, Tier i

Single Event Volunteers are volunteers for one day only during the entire school year. If you are planning to volunteer ONE DAY ONLY during the entire school year you are required to fill the below form, Tier I LAUSD Single Event Volunteer Application and sign the Volunteer Commitment Form.

You will need to submit the signed forms to the school office before beginning your volunteer service.

- Single Event Volunteer Form

- Volunteer Commitment Form


For more detailed information about the LAUSD volunteer program,  see bulletin -  6746.4